In the Elevator

Chinos: V Ave Shoe Repair
Belt: Filippa K
Sneakers: Filippa K
Grandpa Sweater: Weekeday
Cardigan: Companyofwe
Scarf: Marc Jacobs
Jacket: Hetregó

Marni for H&M - Video

Marni for H&M

Marni is collaborating with H&M for 2012. The collection is going to be sold in selected H&M stores March 8. This is a collaboration that I'm very excited about. There will be a mens and womans collection.



In the Elevator

Jacket: Hetregó
Scarf: Marc Jacobs
Sweater: Story Fall
Belt: Zara
Jeans: Dr Denim
Bag: Malling & Mikai
Boots: Don't know ordered at Asos
Key Holder: Incotex

Prada Candy

This ad is simple and brilliant, just the way Prada is. The pink undies are the dot over the "I" in the commercial. Perfection.


I was sitting at the office the other week and felt tired. My first thought was that I was overworked and really tired. But I am one of those people that really push myself to the limit and sometimes don’t understand how my body feels. The result of this was that I got a really bad cold. I’m talking about one of those crazy “slap in the face” and “can’t get out of bed” colds.

So my boss decided for me to go home. I did and stayed in bed for almost 4 days. I only got up to shower and to eat. I was actually happy that I had a TV in my bedroom for the first time in my life. I find TV somewhat evil. It can make one watch the worst shows that one normally wouldn’t watch. I tried to read books, but when I’m sick I can’t really focus.

But Friday came and I had stayed in my bed for four days by then, I decided to check my work mails and sms. There were some mails to take care of and I made some phone calls. I know that I should have stayed in bed, but I was bored out of my mind. So when the weekend came I and I felt better I decided to do the best of it. I went to Copenhagen and made a day of it. I bought kitchen appliances from “Le Creuset” and went to Royal for a glass of champagne and macaroons with my baby sister and Anna.

I also met up my friend Natalia whom works for Boozt. We went to Bastard in Malmö and it was great. The thing is that because I have been away from Sweden every month I haven’t had the possibility to do anything here. Sometimes it’s nice to stay put and enjoy one’s own city. I love to travel, so I shouldn’t say anything. Now I’m looking forward to go to Brussels in December and then Christmas is coming.

Now I will be able to enjoy Sweden until March 2012, then after that I will be in New York, Nice and Stockholm. Oh and not to forget, Copenhagen Fashion Week in February. I haven’t been for a year now, but I want to go next year. Let’s hope that it will be great and inspiring, I heard that it wasn’t the best this year. Anyways, guys don’t forget to take you vitamins, get some sun and workout. Anything basically to not be sick. I have decided to try to be healthy the entire year of 2012.

The Small

Milano is not only fashion and design. Sometimes it’s both, but the culinary aspect of the city is massive. There are tons and tons of restaurants that serve great food, but a few stand out. My new favorite Milano place is “The Small”.

This tiny little restaurant is a place that is warm, serves fantastic food and the owners are the nicest ones I have met. They have incorporated design and fashion with art, in a way that makes the place somewhat feel like David LaChapelle and Alice in Wonderland’s love child. My favorite pieces are the stylish little fairytale figure on the counter and the picture of Anna Wintour. The whole place is the creation of Giancarlo Petriglia, who is in the picture with me. Mr. Petriglia worked for Trussardi for 15 years. His personal style is perfect. We loved everything he was wearing.

During the summer they bring in singers that sing jazz and such, and if the place inside is full, the restaurant moves outside. It becomes a spectacle, to lure people in. The same thing that happened to Alice, when she fell into Wonderland. A wonderland, but without the evil queen. The queens here are nice.

I felt that I was in such good hands that I let Mr. Le Petit decide what I should eat. That was a great choice, but I got so full that I could hardly move. It was worth it, because the food was amazing. I recommend it to everyone, but remember, call before to make sure to get a table. Also, they have apertivo and the place works as a bistro and a café, promise me that you go and visit, you have to.

The Small,
Via Paganini angolo Piazza Argentina
20131 Milan, Italy

+39 3347828058
+39 0220240943

Jac5 Underwear

The newly launched Jac5 have made some great briefs. I only use briefs, but they have made a fantastic looking boxer as well called ""Barking Mad/Basil Boxer".

The briefs that I like are the "Super Smart" and "Loyal" models. Jac5 profiles them self as a premium underwear brand for men, and to be honest that's a good thing. There aren't many good underwear brands out there, so they are a good compliment to the market.

The brand is a bit humoristic, the logo is the founder Jim's 5 very spoiled jack russells. Therefore the name "Jac5". If you live in Hong Kong or is just visiting, then head to their store o "81 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan".

jac5-Loyal-Larry-Brief-Greyjac5-Loyal-Self-Stripe-Boxer-Blue jac5-Supersmart-Brief-Black

Duran Duran - Girl Panic

I miss the supers and the double D's. Well done Duran Duran and Jonas Åkerlund, så jävla bra.

In the Elevator - Milano

Jacket: Story Fall 
Chinos: V Ave Shoe Repair 
Shoes: Maldini 
Scarf: Marc Jacobs 
Tote: Paolo Savi Tote 
Sweater: Story Fall 
Watch: Vintage 30s Hermès


My dear Milano. More fantastic then ever. The people, the food, the fashion and the city it self.


The other week I finally got to go to Milano. It took some time, but it was worth the wait. Milano was as I remembered it but even better. It was a long weekend trip and my Saturday was booked for a meeting with Valextra and the fantastic Valerio.

I got invited to their palazzo on via Manzoni next to the opera La Scala, one of the biggest Milano institutions. As I entered with my friends I was amazed by the simplicity of the space. The interior works as a canvas to highlight the bags and the incredible handcrafts of Valextra. The brand is not famous to many out there, even though it was founded in 1937 by Giovanni Fontana. The brand have kept many of their original designs and the understanding between the great foundation of design that is Milano, can be seen in shapes and colors of Valextra.

The brand have created their own patented color palette and I, one that have studied design in Milano, immediately connected the colors to the pens that I used when I designed. The simplicity of the shapes and functionality has won them the prestigious award “Compasso d’Oro” in 1954. It was for the “24h” travel piece. Valextra’s pieces are even a part of the permanent collection of the MoMa in New York. But not only that, Valextra is a brand that Hermès see as a real competitor. That comes from a source that I will never reveal.

My visit was wonderful. The whole store became almost like the design exhibition of the Triennale of Milano. Valerio walked around and showed me and Erik everything from the travel pieces to the Ipad covers. Every single part of the collection has a story behind them. One piece was made for Grace Kelly and another for Maria Callas. But the connection between the products and the artisans who makes the goods by hand, are among the most important things to the brand. Every single piece have a specific number that tells who made the bag.

I was also told that brand was bought from Samsonite in 2000. The new owners are the Molina family. They have worked hard to restore the brands image and have gone back to the original ways of Valextra. They even rehired all of the artisans that were fired by Samsonite.

Valextra does not logo their pieces. With that I mean, we will never see Valextra bags covered in a Valextra logo. They do not believe in that, instead they want the leathers, palettes of over 20 patented colors, their lacquered finishes and elegance of their designs talk for Valextra. This is a way of understanding the craftsmanship and brilliance of something as spectacular as a tote from the brand. One should not buy a Valextra just to show off, no no, you buy a Valextra piece to support the craftsmanship of “Made in Italy” but also to look elegant.

Grazie Valerio e Valextra per l’invito.

Me and Valerio

L'Ecole National A/W 2011 Video

Companyofwe - Press Video

I was looking thru the press video that Companyofwe have made for their press section and I saw my self. I know super ego, but who isn't. Even though it's just for a split second, it feels good to be in the mist of the likes of the brilliant The Fashionisto, GQ and Los Angeles Times.

The best part here is that Companyofwe's webshop is up and running again. We have missed you.

BSME Awards 2011 for Editor of the Year - Tony Chambers

Mr. Tony Chambers has been awarded the BSME Award 2011 for Editor of the Year, Lifestyle Magazines. Chambers is the man who brought back Wallpaper* and developed it further in to an even more fantastic magazine. The time between the era of Tyler Brûlé and Tony Chambers wasn’t the best time for the magazine, but that is now in the past.

The BSME 2011 jury described the following about the magazine:
Wallpaper* is a pioneering magazine; beautifully designed, truly innovative and packed with surprises.

I can only give my biggest congratulations to Chambers and Wallpaper*

Editor-in-chief for Wallpaper* Tony Chambers on the right and Nick Vinson.

Monday Gift

My best friend came from Dubai yesterday and brought me gifts. I never expect anything, but I truly love a gift that comes from the heart. Karin always knows what I like.

Versace for H&M Commercial

Even though I might not agree with this collection, it is very Versace and the commercial is very cool. H&M always manages to make some interessting commercials for their collaborations.

In the Elevator

Bag: Mulberry
Shoes: Asos
Chinos: V Ave Shoe Repair
Jacket: Hetregó
Sweater: Acne

Sjaak Hullekes - Shop News

New from Sjaak Hullekes is the gloves that comes a range of colors and the gift voucher. Now we only have to wait for a webshop.

gloves sjaak mens arnhem 2
gloves sjaak ladies arnhem 1 gloves sjaak mens arnhem 1 voucher

Barena A/W 2011

It feels like there is a revolution going on in the italian fashion industry. A revolution that is moving forward, but also looking back and respecting history.

A part of this revolution is Politburo and now I also discovered Barena. Barena like Politburo is a Venetian brand inspired by the people who have lived there for centuries. Tradition is the foundation of Barena and the materials are extremely important. When ones lives in a marine environment, knows that the winters can be icy cold and windy, and we tend to wear clothes that are thick and warm. Barena have taken this to heart. Their A/W 2011 collection is truly amazing and is available at Trunk in London and Très Bien Shop online.

barena-home-fw2011 barena-FW-2011-2012_Page_031-345x481 barena-FW-2011-2012_Page_041-345x481 barena-FW-2011-2012_Page_08-345x481 barena-FW-2011-2012_Page_10-345x481 barena-FW-2011-2012_Page_12-345x481 barena-FW-2011-2012_Page_13-345x481 barena-FW-2011-2012_Page_14-345x481

Zara Lookbook November

The Zara November lookbook is out. There are other high street brands that can learn from Zara when it comes to styling.

3625363_1_1_2 0706302_1_1_2 5722557_1_1_2 6367372_1_1_2 0458311_1_1_2 5694612_1_1_2 5503557_1_1_2 6700305_1_1_2 5707608_1_1_2 0367352_1_1_2 0706301_1_1_2 5678567_1_1_2
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