Pierre Hardy - Briefcase

I always wanted a Pierre Hardy briefcase and now The Corner has a 50% discount on them. For you guys out there that would like one, this is the time to buy one for 145€. Happy shopping.


Common Projects

For Christmas I wasn't supposed to get anything since we all made a desicion to enjoy eachothers company. Well, we did exchange gift once and that was done in the following way. Each person in my family got one person to buy a gift for. But other then that no gifts.

But one person, my dear hubby, surprised me with a pair of Common Project sneakers in light grey. I have wanted these for such a long time and now I got them. I mean, I didn't need them and I wasn't supposed to get anything but now I have them and I love them. You can get them at Mr Porter, Tres Bien Shop or The Corner.


The Holidays

I truly hope that all of you have had a great Christmas and will have a fab new year’s eve. I had a great Christmas; I actually celebrated it approximately 6 times. Thankfully people didn’t make me eat Christmas food 6 times, they were a bit more inventive. So the food I ate was fois gras, scallops, turkey and pasta amongst other things. It was good and I was about to become fat.

However I have now amped my workout scheme and am going to set a goal to have a perfect body by February 2012. Hopefully. This is one of many things that I will do for next year. I can’t really tell you everything, but there are going to be some changes made. For the better, I promise myself that. For too long I have let certain things slip out my reach and I haven’t done what I’m supposed to. I’m closing in on 30 and there are tons of things that I want to do, so now I will do them.

A friend of mine once said “I will die trying” and now I will take this to heart. I hope that all of you do to. I must say that my love for my blog and the people who read it and follow it is immense. You guys mean a lot to me. Just so you know.

In the Elevator

Jacket: Hetregó
Chinos: V Ave Shoe Repair
Cardigan: J.Lindeberg
Watch: Vintage 30s Omega
T-Shirt: H&M
Sneakers: Common Projects

Robyn - Be Mine

Love this classic from Robyn, this was her comeback track in Sweden a couple of years ago. The re-birth of Robyn.


Hey guys! I'm just testing out how large the pictures are going to be. Talk soon.


Hey everyone. I have been redesigning my blog and will not be done with it for at least one or two weeks. So let's say that I am on a break until it's done. I have to set up some kind of structure to it and be more active. It's no fun reading a blog that has no structure or half ok posts.

So until I'm done with all of this...have the best Christmas guys! And for all of you that doesn't celebrate Christmas have a fantastic weekend and week, and hopefully I will post again on New Year's Eve.

Love you guys :)

In the Elevator

Scarf: Marc Jacobs
Jacket: Barbour
Bag: Hope Sthlm
Chinos: V Ave Shoe Repair
Cardigan: COS
T-shirt: COS

For the Blog

Hey you guys! I have been super busy and I was in Belgium over a long weekend. It was great and now I'm back! I took some pictures for my blog as I mentioned, and here are some of them. I think there are somehwhat like 400 pictures...not all good of course, but great contenders for a new header.





Asos - Suede Brogues

These Brogues in suede from Asos are great. I usually buy brogues that are made in leather and not in suede. However I think that I need a pair like these. They would look great with a pair of jeans, a darkblue knitted sweater and my Barbour quilted jacket or a Burberry trench. They retail at 50 £ at Asos.

image3xxl image1xxl

Burberry - Trench Coat

I remember the first time that I saw a trench coat. It was my dads and it was named Burberry's. A classic made in England, beige trench that he looked so good in. I said that I would have one when I was older.

My dad told me that I could get his and get it re-made at a tailor. But it haven't cause my dad is a size L and I'm a S. So that would never work. However the otherday I was scanning thru the net and saw this Burberry "Lightweight Packaway Trench Coat" that retails for 4800 Sek. Not so bad, considering that I thought that I would spend somewhere around 9000 Sek for a Burberry trench.


In the Elevator

Cardigan: J.Lindeberg
Shirt: Hope
Shoes: Maldini
Chinos: H&M
Bag: Paolo Savi Tote
Scarf: Marc Jacobs
Jacket: Hetregó

New Header

I am changing my header. I wanted a new feel to it, something even more elegant. This picture that I am showing isn't my first choice, but it is still good. I do look a bit angry, so that's one of the reasons that I'm not using it. But you get the idea. The picture is raw, no photoshop or anything, just so you guys know. My new header will be up within a week.



Here are some pictures from the photoshoot. I can't really say anything or even show more than I do in this post. I had sooo much fun and it took like a whole day.

When the whole thing is ready, I will show it to you guys. There will be photos, videos and so on.

Good Night

Bild 2011-12-06 kl. 22.38 #3
Bild 2011-12-06 kl. 22.38 Bild 2011-12-06 kl. 22.39

Diptyque - 34

My best friend Karin came with Diptyque’s “34” edt. a couple of weeks ago and I was skeptic about it. It smelled very feminine, but at the same time it was masculine. I didn’t touch it for several days, but one morning when I was tired I without thinking sprayed it all over me and left the house. I loved it...after five hours wearing "34".

“34” is a scent that grows on one, it grew on me. People said that it was the best scent that I have ever used, and now I am hooked. Yesterday when Karin came from Dubai she had a gift for me, and it was the home fragrance and now even my home smells like “34”. The brilliant thing about Diptyque is that they make fragrance collections that are complete. With that I mean that one can buy a candle, solid perfume, perfume or edt., soap and fragrance for one’s wardrobe, all in the same kind of scent. I really want to go to Paris now and visit them. Love love love Diptyque. I have the fig solid perfume as well.


In the Elevator

Sweater: Mauro Grifoni
Jeans: Dr Denim
Scarf: Marc Jacobs
Watch: Vintage 30s Universal Genéve
Belt: Filippa K
Shoes: Maldini
Jacket: Hetregó
Bag: Mulberry


I am obsessed with macaronns. Like truly in love and want to live in a castle made out of macaronns and have fountains with champagne everywhere so I could drink the potion of life whenever I feel like it. But that will never happen, but I can always get my macaronns in Sweden now at Abrick Macaronn in Lund. But for you who love me, please bring macaronns from Brussels, Dubai, Paris and Milano. Ladurée will always be my favorite place to get macaronns.

Lady Gaga - Marry The Night (Official Video)

H&M Spring/Summer 2012

H&M for S/S 2012 is very colorful. It's bright, fun and almost feels like typicall scandinavian boat-people fashion. But at the same time it's very well cut and on the boarder of highfashion. We want to see more of this from the swedish fashion giant. The red jacket is a favourite.


2 x In the Elevator

Jacket: Barbour
Chinos: Mads Norgaard
Shoes: Maldini
Sweater: Gant
Bag: Handmade on Crete
Watch: Vintage Certina Bristol

Shirt: Made in the Shade
Cardigan: COS
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Jacket: Hetregó
Bag: Erik & Paolo Tote
Shoes: H&M
Watch: Vintage Certina Bristol

Hot Style - Zac Efron

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