Over & Out

It has been a very particular weekend. I moved out completely from Malmö. I never thought that I had so much. It was insane. I had to get 20 boxes to be able pack my things. But that wasn’t enough. Then two additional massive super boxes for some of my shoes and then some additional boxes and bags with other stuff. I thought that it would never end. After the move I have decided to donate a lot of my clothes that I know that I will not use. I just have to organize everything. That will probably take another year.

To get my head off the move I rushed to a dinner on Saturday that was great and then just relaxed and had a nice time all Saturday and Sunday. I am learning to do nothing during Sundays. I watched “GCB”,” Big Rich in Texas” and other fantastic shows that have no meaning what so ever. Tomorrow I will go to Copenhagen to the “Avant/Garde Diaries” with my dear friend Natalia. I miss her sooo much, but now we will get that listen to some great music and get a drink or two and hang with the Danes.

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