Shoes Shoes Shoes

Hey, my name is Paolo and I’m a shoeholic. I got into a dispute with my sister, she will only let me have three pairs of shoes out in the entrance of the apartment and I could not agree to that. She then had an intervention and now only three pairs are available for me at the entrance.

It is really difficult for me and I’m trying my best now to not have a fit, and I’m doing very well.

 I still have my stash of shoes around, in boxes, under my bed, basically all over the place. I tried not to shop anything in March…but I couldn’t help it. I got two new pairs from Yoox and one pair of sandals. My addiction started when I was 17 and I was shopping in Florence with an ex-girlfriend(yes you heard it right) and she took me to Gucci and I got a pair of Gucci loafers. Now 11 years later my addiction is stronger than ever. I will try to fight it and only buy 12 pairs a year or less…but I can say this...I will never go below 5 pairs a year. Who wants to join my A.S. group?


Anonymous said...

I am the same, but with wallets,purses and small leather goods. So yes, where can I sign up?

PaoloSavi said...

Right here. Anyone with any kind of shopping fab disorder are welcome ;)

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