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I bought a pair of Erik Schedin sneakers and while browsing Mr Schedins webshop, I felt that I wanted to know more. So I cooked up five questions for the designer so we all could learn more. Also, you can get the sneakers at Erik Schedins Shop.


1. Who is Erik Schedin?
- I'm a 33 year old fashion designer based in Sweden. Since 2008 I've been running my site selling things that I've designed together with items from other designers or manufacturers.

It all started with 3 products; the white on white sneakers which I designed in 2004, a pair of old stock frames from American Optical which where used by the Swedish army and a bottle of Pledge furniture wax. My site reflects me and my personal view of fashion.

pledge_654x654 Bag-2

2. What defines your design?
- Simple and direct without unnecessary details

3. Where and thru what do you find your inspiration?
I find inspiration in finding or designing things that I feel are somewhat missing,
things that I feel a need for.

4. What misstakes does men do fashionwise?
- Not too many things disturbs me, I don't care too much but one of the things to be aware of is when dressing too young when getting older.

5. Who has/had the best style according to you and why?
- Sven-Bertil Taube had and still has a great look. Dressing like a gentleman without being too formal or making too much fuss.

Sven-Bertil and his father

Photo: Scanpix Source: Sveriges Radio

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