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My friend Henrik has skyrocketed on to the fashion scene, going between Paris, Milan, New York, Copenhagen and the list goes on. He won the "Dansk Award" for best model in 2012. I have actually done some shoots with him before he became major. Henrik is really nice as a person and I thought it would be cool that you guys could see who this male model is.

Who is Henrik Fallenius?
Your average hairy psycology student turned model:)
Timone Singola.indd

Does your work influence the way you dress?
Not really, but my work makes me able to by things buy more good pieces and the shopping is better in NY and Paris compared to Lund!

Bild112_42fc6165e7 88645-800w

Herm├ęs A/W 2012                   Vogues Hommes International

If you could only wear one designer/brand for the rest of your life who would it be and why?
Then i would have to say RRL they have the best vintage stuff in the world, especially there leather jackets!

What is your most important accessory?
My grandfathers late 40´s gold Omega!

Who is/was the best dressed man in the world and why?
Mr Depp! He has a nice bohemian/rock/homeless look even on the red carpet!


Vogues Hommes International

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