A Break, a Party and a Spa

My normal life is really crazy. With normal I mean the life that I live besides my blog, and when it went into a higher gear two weeks ago I felt that I needed to put a break on something. Unfortunatly the blog was the thing that I had to put on a small break. Work has been crazy, my side projects aswell and friends and family have had their birthdays.

Last weekend my friend Hans had his 50th birthday and he rented an entire hotel for over 50 guests and threw one hell of a party. I must say that it was a whole lot of fun. The dresscode was smoking and cocktaildresses. This was when I decided to bust out my velvet slippers. I felt so weird in the begining but after I while I felt like I was on top of the world. Could have been all the champagne however.

Then on monday until tuesday I went to meet a new client with work. We stayed at the wonderful YSB hotel in Ystad and they pumped us with so much information, but I must say that I really enjoyed it. But best of all I got to try their amazing spa. They had this really interessting spa-treatment called The Creek experience. It took two whole hours, but it was so much fun. Then the rest of the week was more work, side projects, a trip to Denmark and then finally I ended the week with a very important shoot. I will show you guys the shoot as soon as it hits the web. It will be really cool. I promise.

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