Saturday in Copenhagen was a bit like chillout grooming day for me. I got the oppertunity to try out some products from Mesoestetic. I'm reaching an age of 30 and I'm willing to try anything that can slow down the aging process. So far I have not tried botox, filler or cosmetic surgery.

But my love for creams is reaching to same point as my love for champagne and macaroons. It is just as important to me. The best thing that I have ever tried in my life is the Mesoestetic products. The treatment that I did, was with Facial Gel Cleanser, the Vitamine C ampoule, the Glycol 10% ampoule, Hydratonic, Stem Cell Serum, Crystal Fiber Mask and finally the Stem CellActive. It took some time, but trust me it was totally worth it. I have never ever felt anything like it on my skin and look at the picture below. That picture is not photoshopped and I took it the day after my treatments. I need all these products like right now, especially when it made my skin feel like baby skin, and I'm not joking with you.

You can find information on the products here Mesoestetics. I love it and I want it.

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