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The first time that I met Elisa Lykke, I was at brunch at a friends house and we started to talk about everything. But it wasn't until afterwards that I realised that this humble, fun and very stylish woman is somewhat of an icon in Denmark. She works with PR, TV productions and she appears on Danish tv as amgonst other things as a gossip expert. But first and foremost she is an acclaimed journalist. After I've met her at my friends house, The Kopenhagen Fur's "Golden Pin Awards" and during Copenhagen Fashion Week I decided to let you all get to know Elisa Lykke.

How would you describe Elisa Lykke?

Powerfull, fragile, happy, sweet, caring, versatile, curious, and a fullblown mommy, wife and businesswoman.


Who is Your style inspiration?

Im totally in love with women with a classic but rockchick attitude. Versatilty in clothes and expression is maximum power for me in a woman. Im in love with women like Carla Bruni, Danish Ellen Hillingsø and Pernille Rosendahl- classic and beautiful in all they wear. You can tell that they feel good in their style, nobody is telling them to do something in styling.

If you could only wear one brand/designer for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Malene Birger because she designs clothes to street, party and business so you could always look chic and stylish in that brand

What do you prefer, heels or no heels, and why?

HEELS always- its feminine, sexy and can get every outfit to look marvelous, and great bonus your ( metabolism / Stofskifte ? ) is getting on overtime when you walk in heels.

Zulu Awards 2012

Who is/was the best dressed man?

Im crazy about David Beckham style, he dares, he cares and looks SHARP... and my husband, and im NOT kidding, is a wonderful stylish dressman as well.

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