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Some people on Twitter catch my attention. One that really caught it was the accessories editor for Marie Clarie, Mr. Kyle Anderson. He has his own style that puts many bloggers to shame. After seeing him popping up on tons of blogs and seeing his very high fashion life thru Instagram I felt that I wanted to know more about this cute blonde American

Who is Kyle?

Kyle is a blonde guy who wears mostly givenchy and black leather and lives in nyc…I work at marie claire and ive been an accessories editor for 7.5 years and im obsessed with male models and iced coffee and diamonds.


What defines Your style?

 It changes from season to season..year to year…day to day….I like black- that’s for sure. I like rock n' roll. I like tough things…black leather..a lot…sometimes military… My favorite designers are Givenchy and Balmain.


If you could only wear one brand/designer for the rest of Your life, who would it be and why?

It really changes. I used to only wear balmain. Now I only wear givenchy- for the most part. Next year who knows? Designers rise and fall. Id never say never to anyone and im open to anything.

What is the best male accessory and why?

My rolex. I wear it everyday. Its a classic. Goes w/ everything.

Who has/had the best style according to You and why?

A few… I like Joan Smalls. Shes pretty and cool. She wears high heeled biker boots w/ evening dresses. Shes fun, edgy, young, sexy.

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