Winter Jackets

Finding a winter jacket is very easy, in one way. Usually scandinavian brands tend to know a lot about winter since winter in the northers parts of the world is very cold. Style wise I do prefer something simple. I live close to Copenhagen and the weather here in the early stages of winter is wet, cold and windy. So trying to be fashionable is not easy at all, just because the people here always tries to keep them selves warm.

I found three great jackets. First we have a COS coat. It is a classic COS styled coat, greyish and it has hidden buttons. The second one is if fron Our Legacy and is my favourite one. The shape and grey color is great. It's not to chunky and looks classic. The third one is from Stockholm brand Hope. It has a take on a sailors jacket with a more modern cut.


1. COS 2500 Sek
2. Our Legacy @ Tres Bien Shop 4000 Sek
3. Hope 3500 Sek

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