A Dinner & A Snow Blizzard

I had as usual a very active and nice weekend. It kicked it off with a night with my baby sister. We had so much fun, but we missed our friend Stevie. But Friday night was great and then I went to Denmark on Saturday, and had another fantastic night at our friend Hans. This is where I have to correct something. The major birthday party that Hans had a couple of months ago was because he turned 45. Someone didn't like it when I got the wrong information from someone else that I can't even remember and thought that he turned 50. But I thought that Hans looked pretty amazing for 50. Our night in the summerhouse was really fun, 3 guys and dinner that would blow many peoples minds.

I hope that you guys had fun last weekend as well. Did any other country then the Scandinavian countries get snow? Can someone please send some sun and some heat my way?

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