Christmas Gifts No.9

Christmas is coming in a week and I am scanning the web like a maniac to give you all ideas on what to buy for your loved ones or just yourself. Today one of my personal obsessions, the document holder or glutch (gay-clutch) is on the list. I don't really like Gucci since Tom Ford left, but this document holder in a somewhat babyblue is extremly nice. The Gucci one is one that will age very well, but the price is slightly higher then the others.

The second and third one comes from two Swedish brands, or one is Swedish owned, Sandqvist and Gant Rugger. My personal favourite is the one from Gant Rugger. It looks like a vintage bag from the 40s or 50s, and the design is classic preppy. The one from Sandqvist is not expensive at all, 599 Sek, and also have a preppy look but this one is more sporty. When I say sporty I mean in the sense that a pair of Thom Grey sneakers, rugged jeans and a college sweater from Rugby would make that look perfect Ivy League.

1. Lambs leather document holder from Gucci 820 £
2. Macbook-case 15in by Sandqvist Sinclair 599 Sek
3. R. Leather Slip Case by Gant Rugger 2999 Sek


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