Christmas Gifts No.13

This is one of the best gifts that I have found for Christmas. Monocle has together with Japanese aroma specialist @aroma, created a flameless diffuser that is spectacular. The diffuser is made out of hinoki wood and when one pours the oil onto the platform it releases a spicy, deep and fresh scent of cedar wood, sandalwood and cardamom into that room where the platform diffuser stands.

I truly want one, but since it will not make it before Christmas I will order it after Christmas. It retails for 60 £ at Monocle's webshop or in one of the stores globally.



Fashiondacci Melbourne said...

gosh i so need this one!! thanx for sharing!!!

Cristián Pavez Díaz (@cristianpavezd) said...

I loved your gift posts!!
Hope you have an awesome New Year party!!
Greetings from Santiago, Chile.
Twitter: @cristianpavezd

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