Christmas Gifts No.7

I have been absent this weekend from the blog. But I'm back with the 7:th Christmas gift ideas. This time I found some great things from 5 Ave Shoe Repair. This great avantgarde Swedish brand sometimes create some very strange pieces of clothing, but they also hit it perfectly when they make certain sweaters, t-shirts and shoes. I found a grey sweater called "Delicate Sweater" and "Soft Slippers" that I think is from the summer collections. These items are classics and can be used all the time. Also very good priced since they are from a former collection. The final thing is the "Large 360 Wallet" that is a typicall 5 Ave Shoe Repair item. I like the fur detail and that it's round, gives better Feng Shui.

1. Delicate Sweater 847.50 Sek
2. Large 360 Wallet- S.E 895 Sek
3. Soft Slipper 478 Sek


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