In Vogue - The Editor's Eye

Vogue is coming back with a new documentary. The legendary magazine is reaching it's 120 years of making the world a more beautiful place, at least for us that loves fashion. 

The documentary is directed by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, and it takes us once again behind the scenes of the magazine but shows the relations between the editors, photographers and designers. Anna Wintour is the leading this group of iconic people and she says that her editors all are genius, just look at Grace Coddington. This woman is a an artist of the highest level styling and composing the most brilliant editorials. Anna Wintours states in the film that her editors are her secret weapon.

People like Sarah Jessica Parker, Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang are amongst those that shows up in the documentary. It aired the 6th of December in the States and now I have to find it somehow in Europe.

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