2012 is here. Time goes fast, faster then we could ever imagine. I had a calm, but fantastic New Year's Eve with some great food, wine and champagne.

I started to think a lot and especially over how 2011 was. Work, family, travels, shopping, dinners, parties, photoshoots and the list continues. I was in Dubai, Bordeaux, Copenhagen, Milano, Brussels two times, Ă…hus, London and other places that I can't remember for some reason. It was a calm but still a great year.

I yesterday made myself a promise. In 2012 I will do things that I haven't done or just have been afraid to try them out. I will as a friend did two years ago. She got fired from her job and her relationship didn't workout, but she pulled her self together and made herself a promise...she will reach her goals, and never stop...she'd rather die trying than to give up. So I will "die trying" in 2012.

So for this year boys and girls, lets have fun and work hard so we can play harder!


1. Robin sweater - Story Fall
2. Pierre Hardy Briefcase - The Corner
3. Ted Jacket - Story Fall
4. Leather Lace-up Shoes - COS
5. Ernst Benz Watch - Barney's
6. Suede Chino Belt - Asos
7. Slim Chino Riviera Blue - Cheap Monday
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