Thom Browne - IPad Case

Someone showed me a pair of Thom Browne’s glasses during the weekend. I loved them, but honestly Thom Browne as a brand hasn’t really crossed my mind. I mean in that sense that I would go shopping and look for anything Thom Browne. But now the brand is growing on me and I saw this classic IPad case in black calf leather skin that is to die for.

It retails for 585 $ on Thom Browne’s webshop and I would go for something like this instead of something from Louis Vuitton or Gucci.



Loreen - Euphoria


I have been busy busy. I had a commercial promo shoot for a company and I was supposed to have one scene, but ended up having 5 or 6 scenes. The best and the worst part was that I had to make a complete fool out of myself…but honestly I liked it. I didn’t care about anything and just went for it.

But I might not show it to you guys, or well I might. But I hope that you will not change your idea of me. Because I can say this, they made my do the Maccarena and other stupid things. It was supposed to be a comical promo. I haven’t seen it yet, but as soon as I have you will get my verdict and maybe even see it.

Prada LG 3.0 - Edward Norton & Daria Werbowy





Models: Daria Werbowy, Edward Norton
Photographer: David Sims

Hot Style - Sean O'Pry

Source: GQ Photo: Bill Gente


I am in some serious need of a vacation. I would like to go to Dubai…right now, but I’m not. At least not right now. I just need some sun, a pool or a beach, a book and some magazines. I would like to not think about certain things, if you know what I mean. I want to daze away for a week or two, clear my mind and reboot myself.

But before I do any of those things, I need to fix some last things in my half miserable life before I take any kind of vacation. Well my life is good, but it can always become better. Why am I sharing all of this with you guys? Well I don’t know how many of you have been with me since the start in 2007, but I used to share a lot on my blog. Not too much, but just enough. I am a very private person and I know that I’m almost too private at times. But there was a reason for that, and that reason is gone. I will never tell you who I date and so on, but I can hint certain things just so you know that I am human and not some kind of robot that just shoot out posts on a daily basis.

Anyhow, I’m going to plan a vacation today and also make some calls so I can really shit together. I’m can sometimes just block out things and pretend like everything is peachy keen…when it is not. I just have to face the music.

Filippa K - Rib V-Neck Sweater

I have a thing for fine knitted sweaters. I found this one from Filippa K at Nelly, but instead of styling it the way they have I would have worn this sweater with a pair of dark blue taight chinos and a pair of loafers. This Rib V-Neck retails for 1295 Sek. Got to have it.


The Weekend

My weekend was brilliant. I was in Sweden this weekend, taking it easy organizing, cooking, having brunch at Piazza and watching movies. My dear friend Natalia invited me to a dinner and drinks, but I felt that I had to fix something’s and just be alone. It was a great idea. I ended up watching “What’s Your Number?”, ”Friends With Benefits” and ”Easy A”…and all of them were about relationships and having sex. Ok, so I liked two of the movies and one was just awful. Justin Timberlake should stick with making music, cause to be honest…he can’t act even if his life depended on it. Not even seeing his ass around 200 times in the movie helped. But the general message in the movie was ok. At least of what I managed to see...I was drinking wine and talking to my brother-in-law the entire movie, dissing the it the whole time.

“Easy A” was fun, I liked that one mostly thanks to Emma Stone and “What’s Your Number” with Chris Evans and Anna Faris, well I have to start off with the word yum. Chris Evans is so good looking and Anna is hilarious. After seeing all those movies I got to thinking that why can’t people just go with the flow and enjoy each other? People rush into relationships fast, or even to slow sometimes, but either way I think that we all stress over the fact that we try to read into what the other person thinks. Thinks about you, thinks about the situation and thinks about everything in general. I am for the first time in my life thinking that maybe we all should stop doing that? If the other person that you are seeing likes you then that person will tell you. They will let you know by giving you call, sending a cute text or giving you a kiss that will say just about everything.

I am done with stressing out, trying to “fit” and mold myself to the other person. If something is supposed to happen, well trust me…then it will happen. The most important thing here is that just be yourself, don't hold back.

Marni at H&M - Launch Event

Hot Style - Tinie Tempah

Source: The Telegraph

Dolce & Gabbana - Monica Bellucci

I am not a fan of prints on t-shirt. However Dolce & Gabbana makes the best printed t-shirts in the world. Their "ICON" t-shirts are fun and this season one of my favorite italian women of all time is gracing the t-shirts. La Monica, Monica Bellucci, is this seasons icon togheter with Al Pacino.

I would love to see Marcello Mastroianni on the Dolce & Gabbana t-shirts soon. He is the icon of italian style of all time.

37363697ts_13_f 37364076ii_13_f

Weekday Lookbook S/S 2012

mtwtfss-weekday-look-men-ss12-19-large mtwtfss-weekday-look-men-ss12-14-large mtwtfss-weekday-look-men-ss12-13-large mtwtfss-weekday-look-men-ss12-02-large mtwtfss-weekday-look-men-ss12-06-large mtwtfss-weekday-look-men-ss12-08-large_0 mtwtfss-weekday-look-men-ss12-21-large mtwtfss-weekday-look-men-ss12-20-large

New Hair

Ida could not cut my hair, and I was about to freak out...because I don't really trust any other stylits. But I suddenly thought of two people. One was Johan and the other Malin. Since I was really in need of a haircut, I contacted Malin and she had time for me. Malin took me in and she did an amazing job. We had alot of fun and my hair looks fantastic. The super shaved sides are no more, instead it's more "grown up". Or at least I'd like think it is.

Cheap Monday S/S 2012

cheap-monday-ss-2012-inspiration-01 cheap_monday_ss_2012_inspiration_008 cheap_monday_ss_2012_inspiration_006 cheap_monday_ss_2012_inspiration_005 cheap_monday_ss_2012_inspiration_004 cheap_monday_ss_2012_inspiration_002

Mismo for Très Bien Shop

Last season Mismo created a backpack that some might call iconic. The guys at Très Bien Shop liked it so much that they asked for their own version of the backpack and they got it. Mismo created a Très Bien Shop version of the backpack in heavy black nylon and tone in tone black leather. It retails for 3800 Sek and is sold at…that’s right, Très Bien Shop.


Gucci S/S 2012 Campiagn

gucci1 gucci2 gucci3
Gucci Campaign by: Mert Alas and Marcus Pigott
Models: Abbey Lee Kershaw, Karmen Pedaru and Greg Nawrat
Source: Gucci and Fr5sh

Driving Shoes

I used to be obsessed with driving shoes. They are perfect for spring and summer, and I realised that I need a new pair for 2012. However, I don't know what kind of brand to get. Should I go classic with a pair of Tod's or Carshoe...or should I get a pair from Bottega Veneta?

Before getting them I need to go thru my wardrobe and see what colors to get. I have two pairs of Helmut Lang drivershoes in darkbrown and ebony, also I have a pair from some brand that I got in New York. But one more pair can't hurt, as my grandmother always say's "one can never have to many bags and pairs of shoes".

bottegaveneta360  carshoe320 carshoe316 asos35

Want Les Essentiels De La Vie - Document Holder

I have a thing for document holders. They are like a mix between a handbag and computer-bag, and I use them as just that. When I saw this one at The Corner, I feel in love. Not only with the item itself, but also with the styling that The Corner did with the models clothes. I am a sucker for wearing clothes that are in the same color scheme, and the blue on blue with the blue document holder is to die for.

The Want Les Essentiels De La Vie document holder is on sale for 114 Euro at The Corner.


Wallpaper* - March Issue: Style Special

My favorite lifestyle magazine Wallpaper*, or should I say Bible, is coming out with a ”Style Special” issue for March. The entire issue is filled with fashion from designers and creators that many of us see as our favorite ones. The cover comes in two versions, one in 2D and one in 3D, which is a limited edition cover. Both covers are created by Maurizio Cattelan together with his photographic collaborator Pierpaolo Ferrari.

The fashion issue includes a special feature with 10 Corso Como’s founder Carla Sozzani and Azzedine Alaïa that was created by Alice Rawsthorn, the design critic from the International Herald Tribune, a peek at Reed Krakoff’s Chelsea studio where he has his massive collection of design and art, an editorial shot by Lucas Blalock and styled by James Valeri and my favorite thing that is returning from the last style issue, Wallpaper* Fashion Maths.

Also, as Versace is going thru somewhat of a revival, they have styled a page for Donatella’s favorite dish Pasta ai Caviale. It is a simple yet extravagant styled dinner, which I can imagine the empress of Versace to sit and eat in her Milano home wearing her famous yellow diamond ring.

The issue is out now, so get ready to get it.

WPR12MAR900.pdf 93WPR12MAR124.pdf 93WPR12MAR109.pdf 93WPR12MAR152.pdf 93WPR12MAR173.pdf93WPR12MAR181.pdf

The Weekend

I have had a great weekend. It all started on friday with me going to a gala. The whole thing was ok and I did have fun. It wasn't like a super gala, even though I think that there were around 400 people there.

Anyhow, the important thing was what I was wearing...or not. I just tried to look classic, all dressed in black and white. Since my hair hasn't been cut for some time now I had to basically glue it to my head. But no one knew except for me, and I must say that I felt rather dashing.

The rest off the weekend was truly relaxing, but at times with some activity...but I can tell you that I tried to do as little as possible. I hope that all of you boys and girls had fun during the weekend.

H&M Design Award 2012 Winner - Stine Riis

Stine Riis wins the H&M Design Award 2012 and €50,000. Congrats! Part of her collection will hit the H&M stores in fall 2012. The collection was presented during Stockholm’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week FW12, February 1st 2012.

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