The Avant/Garde Diaries - Copenhagen

Yesterday I went to Copenhagen with my dear Natalia. We got invited to the “Avant/Garde Diaries” by Mercedes Benz and Andreas Emenius. It was a lot of fun and artists like Anders Trentemöller and Jenny Wilson was two of many artists that played during the evening. It was as the title say…very avant-garde. It felt like the artists was in a massive workshop and somehow managed to play together thru the entire evening, this even though they did not. I would have loved to see a Danish artist do something with the Mercedes at the entrance. Imagine if someone painted the whole car live when the people entered the event.


New Header

Since I’m going to change my header every month I want you guys to help me decide. Here come’s 4 new pictures that I have selected as possible headers. Which one should I use this time?

IMG_2721 IMG_2569 IMG_2654 IMG_3269


Me and Natalia are saying goodnight after a fab evening in Copenhagen. Super buzka.

Total Recall - Trailer 2012

When I was a little boy, I watched a lot of movies, especially anything futuristic. One day someone gave me a VHS of "Total Recall". It became one of my all-time favorite movies. Yesterday I stumbled upon the teaser trailer from the remake of this great movie, and I was totally blown away. Let’s just hope that the trailer isn’t better than the movie itself. I like Kate Beckinsale, she is much better than Angelina Jolie as a femme fatal badass.

White Sneakers

I realized that I need a pair of white sneakers. It might sound stupid since I do have a lot of shoes, but I don’t have a pair of crispy white sneakers. There are two models that I like and those are the ones from Common Projects and the other pair is from Erik Schedin. Schedin is not a famous brand, but that makes it more fun. The ones from Common Projects are a classic model that have come back season after season. I like both, but have no idea which ones to get. What do you guys think?

Erik Schedin
Common Projects at Tres Bien Shop

Yesterday's Test

Here comes one of the pictures. It's very raw and sent from an Iphone. But you get the idea.

Mr Photographer

My dear friend and photographer Joakim, JKF Photo, is one of those people that are super nice. He takes all of my pictures and he has this idea that I should change my header every month during 2012...well for as long as I have my blog. So today we took some new super simple pictures, were I am smiling, have un-styled hair, wearing jeans and a simple t-shirt.

I'm really excited to see them, cause honestly I have never done anything this simple and nice...ever.

T-shirt: Filippa K
Bag: Paolo Savi Tote Nr.2
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Cardigan: COS
Jacket: COS
Sneakers: Common Projects
Watch: Vintage 30s Omega

The Local Firm - Spectacles

The Local Firm have released a series of sunglasses that are really stylish. I do believe that I have found the model that I want. They retail between 995 Sek to 1295 Sek and you can get them at their web shop. I actually got two pairs from their last collections for someone’s b-day last year and the year before that. I will get a pair soon.


Over & Out

It has been a very particular weekend. I moved out completely from Malmö. I never thought that I had so much. It was insane. I had to get 20 boxes to be able pack my things. But that wasn’t enough. Then two additional massive super boxes for some of my shoes and then some additional boxes and bags with other stuff. I thought that it would never end. After the move I have decided to donate a lot of my clothes that I know that I will not use. I just have to organize everything. That will probably take another year.

To get my head off the move I rushed to a dinner on Saturday that was great and then just relaxed and had a nice time all Saturday and Sunday. I am learning to do nothing during Sundays. I watched “GCB”,” Big Rich in Texas” and other fantastic shows that have no meaning what so ever. Tomorrow I will go to Copenhagen to the “Avant/Garde Diaries” with my dear friend Natalia. I miss her sooo much, but now we will get that listen to some great music and get a drink or two and hang with the Danes.


A.O.cms is a democratic brand founded by Rodrigo Gutierrez Benavente from Chile. The brand have some great basic clothes that are made in cotton and as A.O.cms writes on their site “the A.O. collection serves to fulfill fundamental clothing needs”. But I think that I does more than that. You can buy A.O.cms at Aplace.

01_aocms_tanktop 02_aocms_crewneck 07_aocms_sweater 08_aocms_hoodie 09_aocms_tracksuitpants 10_aocms_boxerbriefs 11_aocms_washedshirt

Whyred S/S 2012 Lookbook

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