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Trying her best to keep me awake, Maria took me to their local hangout "Minerva". It was nice. Somehow it reminded me of a Belgian bistro with a dash of Swedish style. They have this thing called "2o Bottles for 20$", so we had a bottle of some verdicchio bianco and of course food. I have been drinking a lot of wine lately...my Italian heritage is kicking in full speed now when I'm getting older.

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New York

I was up for 24 hours yesterday. All to try to work against being jet-lagged. I got up really early to go to Copenhagen to catch my flight. The flight it self was ok, but I got disturbed constantly when I tried to sleep. When I arrived at Newark I was really tired and had to grab a cab.So I jumped into one and the man behind the wheels didn't really speak any English. He started to ask me things and I couldn't understand him at all. He then got so mad that he decided to take me back to the airport.He basically threw me out of the cab.

But the next driver was very friendly and we did understand each other. So now I'm here, staying basically in Meatpacking and just enjoying my self. Maria and James are taking good care of me. I will blog every day now and keep you all updated. I know that I have been bad at it the last week, but I have had tons to do.
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I am off to bed...but I am leaving you all with a photo that Joakim Palm Karlsson took. I love it, but I had to crop it, ha ha ha, cause it was showing maybe a little to much.

Republic by Omar Farooq

A fantastic film by Abdullah Haris for the amazing Omar Farooq and his REPUBLIC by Omar Farooq. I adore this film and the whole feel to it. I’m still hoping to see him at a Fashion Week in Europe soon.

PaoloSavi @ Killfrisyrer

I found myself on this awsome tumbler page called "Killfrisyrer" when I was scanning for some nice haircuts. I feel honored. You have to check the site out @ "Killfrisyrer"



I had the most fantastic weekend. It was calm, no stress, good food and great people. I for some reason got emotionally drained when I got back home yesterday. There is a thing that made me sad, and that is that I am not going to see certain special people for a month now. But the best part is that I will be able to miss them. When I come home again I’ll see them once again. I will be rested and tanned, yes tanned…because I’m going to Dubai after I’ve been to New York. I have missed both cities so much. New York for the people, food, culture, shopping and my cousin. Dubai I miss for my bestest friend Karin, the sun, heat, beaches and insane shopping…well also the fantastic food. This year I'll spend my b-day at Nasimi Beach and the Atlantis. Love being like a child and finish of my night on the beach, overlooking the Dubai skyline, smooking shisha and drinking some fab drinks.

So let’s hope that I will be missed, even though I can be a pain in the ass for some people out there. I promise you all that I will try to be as relaxed as I can be.


Drake ft. Rihanna - Take Care

Today's Outfit

Jacket: Pour
Sweater: Asos
Chinos: Tiger of Sweden
Tote: Paolo Tote V.2
Sneakers: Common Projects
Belt: Bruuns Bazaar
Watch: Vintage 30s Omega



Savi Breakfast

I had breakfast my my baby sister this morning. We talked about our coming trip to Dubai in May. So for my 29th b-day I will be in the Emirates once again. I loooove Dubai and can't wait to go there again. Untitled Untitled Untitled

New Hair

So it's not that different from my other hair cuts. Here is the thing however, my dear Ida is super pregnant and I have been super sick...but since Malin have cut my hair when Ida was in Bali, I felt super secure with Malin cutting my hair. She is really good at styling my hair.

We decided to make the sides shorter, since my hair grows really fast. But, there are no hard lines in my hair. It might look like it, but the longer parts are cut in a way that they go over to the shorter parts...almost like you would fade colors into each other without a harsh contrast. That was a weird explanation, but I think that you got it.

Olivia Palermo & Johannes - Lifestyle Mirror

HR_IMG_0880 HR_IMG_0988 HR_IMG_0748 HR_IMG_0829 HR_DSCF5154 HR_IMG_1087 HR_IMG_1202
Source: Olivia Palermo Photos: courtesy Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello

Today's Outfit


Sweater: John Smedley
Shirt: Weekday
Chinos: Dr Denim
Watch: Vintage 30s Omega
Sneakers: Commes Des Garcons Play for Converse

Marc by Marc Jacobs - Werdie Boy Leather Tote

This tote bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs is the best bag ever designed by the New York based designer. It's classic and seems to be very practical. This color in dark green is very hot and would look great with a pair of brown loafers, as they have styled it in the picture below. It can be purchased at Mr Porter for 395€ or at Marc Jacobs.


Zara - Lookbook April 2012

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Today's Outfit

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Jacket: L'Ecole National
Jeans: Cheap Monday
T-shirt: Filippa K
Cardigan: John Smedley
Glasses: Lanvin Loves H&M
Watch: Vintage 30s Omega
Sneakers: Commes Des Garcons Play for Converse
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