Today's Outfit

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Sneakers: Erik Schedin
Bag: Paolo Savi Tote
Shorts: H&M
Tanktop: American Apparel
Watch: Vintage 50s Tissot

Hot Style - Robert Redford


New Items - COS

I spent my weekend in Copenhagen. I and my baby sister Stephanie went shopping during Saturday. Well the day consisted mostly of talking, eating and just us two hanging out. The weather was perfect and I must say that the people of Copenhagen really looks good, especially the boys. It felt like everyone works out like crazy there.

I only got some things from COS, or should I say that my mother told me to go and get something as a late b-day gift. So I got something small. I found the most amazing t-shirt that is like a sweat shirt and these really colorful swimshorts. I basically lived in those shorts the rest of the weekend, and with a tan it looks really good with some bright colors.
COS cos2

Today's Outfit


T-shirt: COS
Sneakers: Erik Schedin
Shorts: Club Monaco
Glasses: Lanvin Loves H&M

Anguun - Echo (You & I)

I always loved Anggun. This song is a bit strange, but fun at the same time...the fun part is that Jean Paul Gaultier has a cameo in the video. He might even have done the clothes for it, or what do you think?

Good Mornin*

We in the southernpart of Sweden have had the most amazing weather for the last week. I have been wearing basically nothing...well I have been wearing shorts, tanktops and t-shirts. We are not allowed to wear tanktops or shorts at work, but I have and no one has said anything about it.
I'm just hoping that this weather will continue all summer, but since the weather seems to turn to shit every year, I only hope that this will continue this weekend. At least until Tuesday, cause I'm going to be in Denmark and hopfully at the beach.

Also so you guys know, the cat pictures are not going to be used. Joakim is taking new pictures and it's going to be me, the beach, swimwear and one more boy...or man I should say. Something that is more...summer. The cat was beautiful, but I felt like a crazy cat person and I'm more of a dog person. So there will be more nudity on the blog for June.


Drottninggatan 27

Since I broke up with my ex, my wonderful sister and brother-in-law took me in and let me stay with them. Until recently we stayed in their penthouse that is now up for sale. I remeber this apartment when they got it. It was in awful condition and they completely renovated it...they actually blew it out and removed 1000 kg of materials. The style is very scandinavian and it covers 138 m2. It has 5 bedrooms.

We have now moved so anyone that is interested in the apartment or to see how I have lived for the last couple of months then go to Hemnet. The firm "Eklund Stockholm New York" are in charge of the sale.

I'm really going to miss this place.

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June Header

It's that time of the month when you guys help me to choose a new header. Yes this one is with a cat, to show that I like animals. Or whatever, the photografer had this idea and I thought that it was different from what we usually do and I think that the outcome is great.
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Good Mornin*

Have you ever reached a point were you felt that you just need to be alone? When you feel that you need to figure out how you function on your own? I reached that point during the weekend.

The thing is, there are a few selected friends and close ones that I can spend time with even when I feel that I want to be alone. They are just there and that gives me comfort. You know who you are…and to be more specific, you guys live in Denmark, Sweden, Dubai and New York. But I for once was all alone. I locked myself in at my parents place and watched movie’s, worked on my project and had to go thru some things that I’ve kept in my mind for some time. I did go a bit crazy at one point and one friend actually got to experience that. I’m so sorry for that.

But apart from that, I think that it went very well. Now I feel like I can hangout with me and give more of me to my friends and close ones. It might sound really stupid and almost egocentric, but we all have to learn to like ourselves. Now I will work out every single day, because that is one of the things that keeps my sanity in place.

Also, I want to say to another person, I miss you all the time. Just so you know.


Dubai Details V.2

I already miss Dubai...or I miss my dear Karin. Me, Stephanie and Karin had such a great time. It really was vacation. Dubai is a city where it is so warm that the only thing that one really can do is to shop at on of the massive malls. For you that have been there, you know what I'm talking about. But I and Stephanie actually went to the gym everyday for an hour, had breakfast and then went to the pool.

We stayed ther for 2 or 3 hours until it became unbearable, temperatures reached 48 degrees celcius, we went back to the apartment and got ready for the malls. Oh there is one more thing that one can do in Dubai and that is eat. I have this thing for Cinnabon and cupcakes, so I had that everyday. One weird thing is that there is one Magnolia Bakery in the Dubai Mall, and the cupcakes are better there than the one on Bleeker Street in New York.

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Today's Outfit

Untitled Shorts: Marni at H&M
Shoes: Sperry's Jeffrey's Edition
Bag: Pierre Hardy
T-shirt: Filippa K
Watch: Vintage 30s Hermés

Korres & Diptyque

I have this obsession when it comes to the scent of figs. Last September when I was in Greece I passed this massive fig tree every day. It had the most amazing scent, so I stod there for like 5 or 10 minutes every time. I then decided to smell like that tree and voila. I wash my self in Korres Fig scented body scrub, then I use the Korres Fig body cream and finally Marc Jacobs Fig edt or the Philosykos edt from Diptyque. So now you know what scent I have.


Dubai Details

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Travel Outfit


Glasses: Persol
Sneakers: Converse
Jeans: Weekday
Hoddie: American Apparel
Longsleeved t-shirt: American Apparel
Bag: Mulberry


I have been on vacation, and that was some much needed vacation. I totally disconnected myself from my blog and any other kind of work. But I'm back now and will start posting again. Missed you guys!


Today's Outfit


Shirt: Club Monaco
Bag: Paolo Savi Tote
Jeans: Weekday
Glasses: Persol
Watch: Bulova Automatic Chronograph
Shoes: Jeffrey (the New York store)

New York Details

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Red Rooster

My cousin took me to "Red Rooster" in Harlem and let me just say that this place is amazing. The music, people and the food all just created this ambience that was really nice...basically a good vibe. I had fried chicken(the best that I've vever had), mashed potatos, cornbread with honey butter and finally doughnuts with sweet potato filling. It was really good and I truly recommend it. It's on 125th and Lenox.

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