I have been very bad at blogging the last couple of months. And lately it has been down to an extreme low of posting. I'm sorry for that, but you know that I have been thru some things in the last couple of months and usually I never share my private life with anyone. But today I will, well at least a little.

As many of you know, I kind of left my old life around 7 months ago. It was a major change and it kind of shell chocked me. To everyone I have looked very poised and in control, and I have almost at all time. But mentally have been a little bit tired. The tiredness have caught up with me. I feel great, but I have been focusing on my work and other projects. Unfortunately my dear blog, twitter-account and other social medias have been neglected.

I haven't had the energy to update at a speed that I'm used to, and I haven't felt like showing my outfits and my new finds as I have before. At one point I have felt that I should shut down the blog completely. But after talking to a very special someone, I got the advice to take a "blog break" and reboot and rebrand completely.

To be honest, my blog isn't of the highest quality, but I'm still very happy that there are so many of you that follow me. So for the coming month I'm going to take time and re-boot once more. If I don't manage to come up with something good, well then I will say goodbye. That goodbye will come in August or September. In the meanwhile I will do one or two occasional posts a week. So bare with me people. I do love my blog very very much, but at this point I feel like I have come to a halt and need something spectacular to continue.

Sending tons of love in my midsummer outfit!

The Local Firm - Sunglasses

I got my new glasses from The Local Firm. They are handmade, grey and the model is called Shadow S-Mod, which is good since I basically only use grey colors at the moment. They retail for 995 Sek at The Local Firm.


Wine & Soccer


Today's Outfit

Untitled Untitled Untitled
Jacket: Storyfall
Watch: Vintage 30s Hermés
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Shoes: Asos
Bag: Paolo Savi Tote
Sweater: COS
Glasses: Persol

Bottega Veneta - Plaster Calf Sneakers

Bottega Veneta have a fantistic minimal sneakers in calfskin that is perfect. I don't understand how I can find more stuff that I think I need...anyhow, it retails for 320£ and comes in more colors than this beige one. But I would love a pair of these ones. They would look perfect with a pair of halfskinny jeans.
285624_VO300_9521_A_600x600 285624_VO300_9521_C_600x600

Matches Fashion - Sale Cardigans

Matches Fashion has started with their sale. I have realised that I need cardigans, or not really, but I found these amazing ones from Closed 150£, Carven 75£, Valentino 157£ and Balenciaga for 177£. Happy shopping everyone!
MEBWKN770003NVY_1_large MED3KN770002TOB_1_large

Closed                                                                               Carven

MEVLKN770002CAE_1_large MEB2KN770003TEA_1_large
Valentino                                                                             Balenciaga

Bottega Veneta - Initials

Bottega Veneta has created something called "Bottega Veneta Initials". This new concept is built around an entire new webshop where one can order selected Bottega Veneta items and then get your own initials printed on them. This is really exciting and is a step in the direction to personalize your Bottega Veneta bag.

The webshop is open to the U.S., U.K. and Japan, but will open up to more countires soon. I want a tote with my initials PRS on right now.
customize customize2

David Gandy - Phoenix Magazine by Leigh Keily

Gandy-Phoenix-Homotography-5 Gandy-Phoenix-Homotography-4 Gandy-Phoenix-Homotography-3 Gandy-Phoenix-Homotography-1 Gandy-Phoenix-Homotography-2

Model: David Gandy
Photographer: Leigh Keily
Stylist: Rebekah Roy
Grooming: Kolbrun Ran
Source: Homotography

H&M + Maison Martin Margiela

November 15 is a date to be saved. That will be when H&M relases their collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela. This can be one of the best collaborations that H&M has ever made. I'm in total awww and will make sure that I'm free that day!


Orlebar Brown + Nick Wooster

If you have summer where you live or at least are going on vacation you should get a pair of Orlebar Browns. This year they have made a collaboration with the style icon Nick Wooster. The result is the "Setter" in the "Wooster Camo" print. They look really good and the "Military/Sahara" and the "Graphite/Chalk" are my favourites. They retail for 149 £ at

4021 4019

Today's Outfit


Sneakers: Erik Schedin
Jeans: Tiger of Sweden
Sweater: H&M
Jacket: Pour
Watch: Vintage 30s Hermés

Acne - Arden Nylon

Acne has made a bag called "Arden Nylon". The model of the bag is just big enough to hold a laptop and could easily be used for the gym. I always bring my Whyred or Mulberry bag to the gym. It retails for 4495 Sek and is available in Black on Acnes webshop.
2KC121-F61_A_3915 2kc121-f61_D_11286_w1 2KC121-F61_C_11

Wallpaper* - Costum Covers

For the coming issue of my favorite magazine Wallpaper*, the magazine have invited a big selection of designers that have created covers that readers will be able to select on When they have selected one of the unique covers, the issue will be printed and bound, then sent to the reader. Now that is something very particular. Wallpaper* have taken the concept of how magazines can be personalized to a new level.

My three favorite covers are the once from Peter Miles, Sam Winston and Quentin Jones. Imagine having the Peter Miles cover made in(actuall) wood and have it as art? Now that is something that would be quite amazing. But that would be something quite extraordinary and maybe a bit impossible to achieve…or maybe not. Get your custom cover at Wallpaper* or get the issue in stores 14:th of June.
Peter Miles
Sam Winston Quentin Jones

Hot Style - Mohammad Reza Pahlavi & Empress Farah Pahlavi

Source: Life & Style

Today's Outfit

Bag: Malling & Mikai
Chinos: Dr Denim
Sweather: American Apparel
Sneakers: Filippa K
Jacket: Pour

Some Questions - Erik Schedin

I bought a pair of Erik Schedin sneakers and while browsing Mr Schedins webshop, I felt that I wanted to know more. So I cooked up five questions for the designer so we all could learn more. Also, you can get the sneakers at Erik Schedins Shop.


1. Who is Erik Schedin?
- I'm a 33 year old fashion designer based in Sweden. Since 2008 I've been running my site selling things that I've designed together with items from other designers or manufacturers.

It all started with 3 products; the white on white sneakers which I designed in 2004, a pair of old stock frames from American Optical which where used by the Swedish army and a bottle of Pledge furniture wax. My site reflects me and my personal view of fashion.

pledge_654x654 Bag-2

2. What defines your design?
- Simple and direct without unnecessary details

3. Where and thru what do you find your inspiration?
I find inspiration in finding or designing things that I feel are somewhat missing,
things that I feel a need for.

4. What misstakes does men do fashionwise?
- Not too many things disturbs me, I don't care too much but one of the things to be aware of is when dressing too young when getting older.

5. Who has/had the best style according to you and why?
- Sven-Bertil Taube had and still has a great look. Dressing like a gentleman without being too formal or making too much fuss.

Sven-Bertil and his father

Photo: Scanpix Source: Sveriges Radio

New Bag - Valextra

I just special ordered a bag from Valextra. Now I have to wait for the bag to come!!! You can get it at Barney's and Valextra. This is real italian perfection. Also, I got the matching passport-holder.


Bad Blogger

I can't say that I am a good blogger. Sometimes I feel like I need to amp my blogging a bit, like I did at the end of last year and the beginning of 2012. But I have gone thru some things and my life has changed massively and work and other things have been my main focus. When I have had time off I felt like I wanted to really have time off and not blog or do anything at all. I have almost made my time off sacred. Someone in Denmark taught me that.

But since my blog has been with me for many many years and some of you guys have followed me since the start, you know that I sometimes stop blogging or blog sporadically, it's a part of the evolution of my blog. I'm trying to find a path for the blog and a sense of coherence to make it better, and I think that I am almost there. I will keep you all posted...also I'm working on a very special project and one day I will show you all. It will be with in the coming 6 months. Love you all.
Untitled Untitled
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