Wallpaper* & Steidl - Paper Passion Perfume

Have you ever been standing in bookstore, opened up a new book and felt the fresh sent of a newly printed book? I have, and it is somewhat special. I do read books, I even go to my bookstore and order books to have them as new as I can possible get them.

My favourite magazine Wallpaper* have created a perfume togheter with Gerhard Steidl, Geza Schoen and packing Karl Lagerfeld, with texts by Karl Lagerfeld, Tony Chambers, G√ľnter Grass and Geza Schoen, that is called Paper Passion. The sent of this perfume? Well, as I explained in the beginning of this post, like a freshly printed book.

Now it may sound a bit weird, but I can actually understand the concept of this collaboration. The idea behind this perfume was that one should relax when they smell it, like one does when reading a book. It was created for the Wallpaper* Handmade exhibition in Milan this year, and you can buy it at Steidl. It retails for UK £ 68, US $ 98 or EC € 85.

paperpassionperf-SB paperpassionperf-SB 6 paperpassionperf-SB 5 paperpassionperf-SB 4

RAUN LAROSE: Vir Ex Machina

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Photographer Conan Thai
Stylist Raul Guerrero
Groomer Jake Sherwood
Model Felicks @ FORD NY
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