Maison Martin Margiela with H&M - Full Collection

Here is the full mens collection from the MMM with H&M collaboration.

marigela6 marigela5 marigela4 marigela3 marigela2 marigela

Today's Outfit


Cardigan: J.Lindeberg
Shoes: Italian Handmade
Jeans: Tiger of Sweden
T-shirt: Acne
Watch: Bulova Limited Edition Chronograph

Wallpaper* - Shore Thing

In the November issue of Wallpaper* Russia is the main object, and looking at the editorials I must say that the "Shore Thing" really caught my eye. It feels like a mix of the babushka style that Miuccia Prada styled up. That haircut, well let me tell you, it takes me back to the 70s of Scandinavia. It is a special haircut but Wallpaper* pulled this one of very well.

WPR12NOV174.pdf WPR12NOV175.pdf WPR12NOV176.pdf WPR12NOV177.pdf WPR12NOV178.pdf WPR12NOV262.pdf WPR12NOV263.pdf

Some Questions - My Portis Wasp

On of my top three bloggers in the world is Portis Wasp. He has a sense of humor like no other blogger. Also he has a thing for beautiful men and fashion. Since I go to his blog every morning and am loving it, I decided that I wanted to get to know this little wasp better.

Who is Portis Wasp?

Hello Sweden. Detta är Skottland ringer och dessa är de första resultaten från den skotska rösta! Portis Wasp is a curly haired half Scottish half Portuguese pop culture blogger who just might be the best thing you’ll never meet. He is also really good at Table Tennis and enjoys long walks in his head. So when are we meeting Paolo? Has anyone told you you have the best set of eyebrows, like, ever! Hashtag - #eyebrowporn


What is fashion for you?

Fashion for me is an exciting mix of creativity, escapism, fantasy, and sex.

Does your blog affect the way you dress, stylewise?

I don’t think so, no. I feature a lot of amazing fashion on my blog and I am constantly inspired by men who like to mix it up with their wardrobe and stand out from the crowd but I don’t think I’ll ever stray too far from the basics which I think work best for me which are; a nice pair of fitted jeans, a pair of boots that look lived in, a simple tee and a stylish but simple well-cut winter coat. That is the look I like to live in the most.


If you could only wear one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?

I don’t really own many designer clothes to be honest with you so you’ll need to ask me this question again in ten years from now when I will be drowning in designers courtesy of my very rich Sugar Cougar. But currently I am loving Balmain. I adore their Biker jackets, Biker boots and slim fit jeans. One day…

Who is/was the best dressed man and why?

Oh I couldn’t possibly answer that but if I was to “create” a really well dressed man I would probably take style cues from Jack Kerouac, Marlon Brando, Richard Avedon, Michael Caine and David Bowie. Kind of hot, right? Then again a man as fine as that might bring about the end of the world so if I really have to pick just one man then I choose you, Clark Kent. A super looking man indeed. Och slutligen, 12 poäng går till ... Sweden!!! Love, Portis.


Maison Martin Margiela with H&M - Event The Video

Maison Martin Margiela with H&M - Event

Last night the MMM with H&M collaboration was celebrated at 5 Beekman Street in the financial district. Tons of celebrities was there, amongst them you could see Kanye West, Sarah Jessica Parker, Helena Christensen, Chase Crawford and Julianne Moore.

The whole event went down in pure Margiela spirit. Art and modern dance. And from the look of the clothes n both the dancers and the celebrities I am dying to get my hands on almost the entire collection.

MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA with H&M Global Fashion Event MMM with HM_Performance_0005 Maison Martin Margiela With H&M Global Launch Event - Red Carpet Maison Martin Margiela With H&M Global Launch Event - Red Carpet MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA with H&M Global Fashion Event MMM with HM_Performance_0003 Maison Martin Margiela With H&M Global Launch Event - Red Carpet Maison Martin Margiela With H&M Global Launch Event - Red Carpet MMM with HM_Performance_0008 Maison Martin Margiela With H&M Global Launch Event - Red Carpet MMM with HM_Helena Christiensen in MMMxHM

Orlebar Brown x James Bond

As a major Bond and Orlebar Brown fan, I have the pleasure to tell you guys that our dear spy 007 is wearing nothing other than a pair of Sky Blue Setters from our favourite swimwear brand Orlebar Brown. I think that Daniel Craig looks perfect in them, I mean in the last movie he was wearing Tom Ford just about the entire movie, so why not go British in this one?

I have two pairs of Setters my self, a red pair and a pair the Nick Woosters in blue Camo. I just don't have the Bond body. Let's go back to the gym and get us a body like Daniel Craig.

lukeplanetphotos65_2229400a image001

Good Mornin*

I have been really busy this last week. So that is why there has been a lack of posts on the blog. But something cool is coming up on the blog very very soon. But until then, relax and I will post some really cool things. Also, I have to recommed "American Horror Story". It is one of the best shows ever made and Jessica Lange is chillingly classy and scary.


Loreen - Everytime

Loreen is realing her new album "Heal" and it is spectacular. The best track on the album is "Everytime". It is so deep and the beats are beyond this world. Loreen found her own way, she has her own style and we like that.

Ladurée + Lanvin

Ladurée has teamed up with Lanvin and their fantastic creative director Alber Elbaz. They have created a box of eight pink bubble-gum flavoured macaroons. I can't understand why Ladurée does not have a store in Copenhagen. I want this box.

It says that people have a soft spot for tastes that we have in our memories from childhood. This box is told to evoke those memories.I love everything sweet and sour, and the box is really pretty. Is anyone going to a Ladurée soon? Could you bring me back a box?


Maison Martin Margiela with H&M - Sneak Preview V.2

Here comes more! I really want to see the entire collection like RIGHT NOW! Come on H&M and release it as fast as you can.


Wallpaper* November Issue

The Wallpaper* November issue is the final part of a four year installment that the magazine has done. This issue is the last part of the BRIC issues. It focuses on Russian culture, design and its explosive economy. The brilliant thing with Wallpaper* is that it is not always serious; they tend to mix in some humor. That is important since I have a focus span of a ten year old, so I need something funny to keep me interested. The two covers have that little humor splashed on them.

As usual there are two covers, one for all of us and one special edition. The special edition cover almost looks like a futuristic baby-birth-camp, if I can say that. I'm just waiting for a spaceship to take me to the 2001 Space Odyssey space station with my new perfect baby.

WPR12NOV901.pdf WPR12NOV900.pdf

Maison Martin Margiela with H&M - Sneak Preview

GQ magazine got a sneak preview of the Margiela and H&M collaboration. The interessting thing that I can see from the pictures is that the clothes looks exactly like Margiela would do them with their own production. The style, the fit and lets hope the materials as well.

The funny thing in Sweden is that, this brand is not very famous, and usually when that happens the mens clothes never sell out. That's good for me, becuase from the look of it I want everything. I'm hoping that they make shoes and accessories. I wonder who is going to do the commercial? Anyone that knows?

polaroids03_GQ_03Oct12_pr_b_426x639 polaroids05_GQ_03Oct12_pr_b_426x639 polaroids02_GQ_03Oct12_pr_b_426x639 polaroids06_GQ_03Oct12_pr_b_426x639

Source: GQ UK

Weekday - Unisex Shawl

How can one be avant-garde without being too avant-garde? Well if one mix preppy and avant-garde the style becomes more subtle and still look awesome.
Weekday is a brand that embraces that style sense, well to be honest COS does that as well.

I found these cashmere scarfs from Weekday that are really great for fall and winter. They retail for 700 Sek, and that is quite ok. Not to much and not to little. Depending on how one wears the scarf it can either look really feminine or masculine. I just feel that I need one like right now.

_MG_0992_F1_1 collection_unisex_shawl_brown collection_unisex_shawl_black

Outfit Women - Silver Fall

womens outfit

Dress: COS 890 Sek
Suede Pumps: Miu Miu @ Net-A-Porter 750 €
Jacket: Gambattista Valli @ Natalie Shuterman 2695 €
Clutch: Bottega Veneta @ Matches Fashion 855 £
Hair Clip: H&M 39,5 Sek

The Weekend

My weekend was great, despite the fact that I got sick and as far as I'm concerned I haven't been sick since last year or the beginning of this year. But a weekend with my babe and with friends made it all better. I'm just saying, wine is the best medicine. I truly recommend it. It kills everything, but always remember to drink in moderation like I do.

Anyhow, do you see the little grey house in my pictures? Well that's Helena Christensen's summer house. My sister called me Paolorazzi for taking that picture, but I am not reveling where the house is. My friend have his house there and even thought I am not famous and really do not think any other Paolorazzi will hunt me down for pictures...I like to keep that a secret.

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
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