Lanvin - A/W 2012 Campaign "Real People"

When Alber Elbaz ask for real people, he got it. This brilliant campaign shot by Steven Meisel, is full of people that they found on the streets. The video is great so don't forget to watch it.

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Source: Selectism     Lanvin

Hot Style - Zac Efron

This shoot with Zac Efron for BlackBook is really well made. The combination of the sober and classic style with the animals gives Mr Efron a much better style, then his typicall "boyish" look. It even made me want to dress better. Very modern dandy.

Zac Efron BlackBook October-November 2012-010 .

Christmas Gifts No.4

Today I want to tell you a about a gift that can never go wrong. Or, well, it can sometimes. But one of the best gifts in the world is the gift card. I think that the Zara gift card can never go wrong unless one buys something that is should I say this...bad taste. But either way the person that gets the gift card can choose something by them selves. So go to Zara and get one for someone that you like or just get it for yourself. It's never wrong to get an extra Christmas gift. You can get it at Zara.

Hot Style - Henry Cavill

The new Superman, Henry Cavill looks stunning in this darkblue suit. It looks like velvet, but I can't really say if it is. A great insperation for New Years.


Source: Daily Mail       Picture: Details Magazine

Christmas Gifts No.3

The gift of the day is the Aesop Soar Grooming Kit that you can get at Mr Porter. Aesop makes great products and as most of you out there know, the product are really gentile and efficient. This gift retails for 70€ which is a great price and I think that everyone would love this.

349614_mrp_fr_l 349614_mrp_in_l 349614_mrp_e1_l

Will.I.Am - Scream & Shout ft. Britney Spears

Here it is, Britney should do this all the time.


The cold has finally hit souther Scandinavia and I mean the super cold. I hope that there will be no snow, because that would make everything so difficult. But apart from that, can you even imagine how difficult New Years would be with half of meter of snow and -20 degress celcius?? If that happens I will still be stylish, probably in Copenhagen and my champagne glass hold high up in the skies. It only one month until then.


David Beckham for H&M

The David Beckham and H&M collaboration fase 2 is out. David looks great as always and I like the oldschool feeling to the underwear. There are some news such as the grandpa-sweater and the shorts. You can get it at H&M.

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Christmas Gifts No.2

The gift of the day is the legendary designer, Tom Dixon, and his scented candles Eclectic. The candles are subtle in style, very Dixon with the metallic colors(have you seen his lamps?).

There are three different ones, "Orientalist", "Royalty Bergamot" and "London Crocus and Brick" so there is something for the one who loves London or the Royal gentleman. The lid is made out of marble and functions also as a base. Best thing is that these candles retail for 81.25 € at Mr Porter. You can get the Orientalist here, Royalty Bergamot here and finally London Crocus and Brick here


Hot Style - Paolo Savi & Birgitte


Shoes Highlight - Alexander McQueen Skull-Embossed Loafers

The new Alexander McQueen patent-leather loafer with the skull-detail is a must for spring/summer. They come in various colors, but I especially like it in black. The loafer goes with anything from a tuxedo to a more relaxed outfit with jeans and a blazer. They retail for 395 € at Mr Porter, and I must say that the whole style feels like english heritage with a bit of the McQueen darkness.


Hot Style - Olivia Palermo


Source and photo: Olivia Palermo

Christmas Gifts No.1

Christmas is coming up and I will this year post a gift everyday until the day before Santa Clause comes sliding down your chimneys. Mostly it will be gifts for you guys, to tell others what to get you.

The first one is the 400 ml Prada Infusion d'Homme. I felt that before I could not like it, but this weekend someone close to me was wearing it and I must say that it grew on me. It is fresh, yet masculine. Citrus and wood mixed with floral makes it special but not feminine what so ever. You can get it at Escentual for 95.60 £, and that is not much for a 400 ml bottle


Outfit - Classic & Red

1. Wool and leather gloves COS 490 Sek
2. Hat Mauro Grifoni @ The Corner 60 €
3. Slim Tailored Trouser Ermenegildo Zegna @ Farfetch 230 €
4. Suede ankle boot COS 1500 Sek
5. Tweed Over Coat Armani Exchange 278 $
6. Knitted Cotton Sweater Maison Martin Margiela @ Mr Porter 360 €


Some Questions - Elisa Lykke

The first time that I met Elisa Lykke, I was at brunch at a friends house and we started to talk about everything. But it wasn't until afterwards that I realised that this humble, fun and very stylish woman is somewhat of an icon in Denmark. She works with PR, TV productions and she appears on Danish tv as amgonst other things as a gossip expert. But first and foremost she is an acclaimed journalist. After I've met her at my friends house, The Kopenhagen Fur's "Golden Pin Awards" and during Copenhagen Fashion Week I decided to let you all get to know Elisa Lykke.

How would you describe Elisa Lykke?

Powerfull, fragile, happy, sweet, caring, versatile, curious, and a fullblown mommy, wife and businesswoman.


Who is Your style inspiration?

Im totally in love with women with a classic but rockchick attitude. Versatilty in clothes and expression is maximum power for me in a woman. Im in love with women like Carla Bruni, Danish Ellen Hillingsø and Pernille Rosendahl- classic and beautiful in all they wear. You can tell that they feel good in their style, nobody is telling them to do something in styling.

If you could only wear one brand/designer for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Malene Birger because she designs clothes to street, party and business so you could always look chic and stylish in that brand

What do you prefer, heels or no heels, and why?

HEELS always- its feminine, sexy and can get every outfit to look marvelous, and great bonus your ( metabolism / Stofskifte ? ) is getting on overtime when you walk in heels.

Zulu Awards 2012

Who is/was the best dressed man?

Im crazy about David Beckham style, he dares, he cares and looks SHARP... and my husband, and im NOT kidding, is a wonderful stylish dressman as well.

Frank Ocean by Peggy Sirota for GQ

Frank Ocean by Peggy Sirota for GQ Frank Ocean by Peggy Sirota for GQ-4 Frank Ocean by Peggy Sirota for GQ-3 Frank Ocean by Peggy Sirota for GQ-2

Hot Style - Eddie Redmayne

Photo: Vanity Fair

A Dinner, Two Parties & Denmark

To fit in a dinner and two parties in less then 24 hours is some times a bit difficult. I managed, somehow. I must say that it was very entertaining. Friday I left for Denmark and left my things in the villa and changed clothes (I had to wear my new Martin Margiela with H&M jacket). Off it was to Retour next to Kongens Nytorv. Me, Henrik and Hans had a fantastic dinner were had tons of wine, talk for hours and then continued to the Nordic Man party. I was rubbing shoulders with some very trendy kids in a former bank vault.

Then Saturday came along and Ian and his dear girlfriend had a housewrming party of some sort. I don't think that they moved in, I actually think that they are selling the house. Despite from that I was running to the bartenders for Skinny Bitches, GT's and Mojitos, because the drunken Fairy was stealing my drinks. The eveing was complete thanks to my Henrik, Alpha and Birgitte. So once more the danes made my weekend more fun then I ever expected.

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Some Questions - Willy Cartier

Thanks to my dear friend Jack, I managed to get male model Willy Cartier to answer some questions for me. This beauty that has been spotted on catwalks around the world and has fronted campaigns for giants like Givenchy, and is as I have understood it, very good hearted. But he also have great style and to be honest one of the few men that can carry hair that long and still look amazing

Who is Willy Cartier?

Its difficult for me to describe myself. I think it's a question that my friends and family will answer better than i would. but all I can say is that I try my best, everyday, to be the best person I can and to keep learning about things that inspire me.


What defines your style?

I would define my style coming from a variety of moments that I have lived, inspiring people I've met along my journey until today. what is sure tho is that i don't think to myself that I have to adopt a particular style, I just am myself.

Does your french heritage affect your style?

Absolutely ! But also along my Vietnamese and Senegalese heritage! Also I like to learn a out different cultures and not be stuck into a format just because I live in France or just because I'm part Vietnamese and Senegalese ... And of course French ! But speaking of French, I do believe and it's also true, that it was before many other cultures a country that accepted and invited art as it was, and pushed it to the limits, and this until today.

What about modelling is the best part?

To me the best part about modeling isn't the casting process nor the shows, nor the campaigns, nor the magazine covers but it is the connexion that I have with the designers who are the creators of the art piece that I will extend by wearing it. Of course along with the photographers and the stylists.


Who has/had the best style and why?

I could say that my style, my style"s" that I have adopted until today have been inspired by: Michael Jackson (not just because of what he wears, but because what he makes me feel and the energy he caries along his so simply said "appearance"). Also Marlon Brando because of what comes from the inside out: soft and aggressive, handsome and self degrading but also so touching, and what I like the most is that he wasn't afraid to be one or the other. Mostly I can say that I find the best styles in everyday people's styles: the people I meet, the ones I see in the streets of Paris and elsewhere, and like I mentioned above the ones that are admired from the public... Truthfully and this is no joke I love most of all my father's style, and "that" I can't describe, you will have to use your imagination... Good luck :)

Dangerous Muse - I Can't Help It

One of my all time favourite groups Dangerous Muse have released a new track called "I can't help it". I love it, and the mix of 80s pop and today's electro is perfection. Welcome back boys!

Hot Style - Marlon Brando


Source: Facebook

Paolo Savi is #DressedFor #Chill & #Night in A|X Armani Exchange

The #Dressedfor #chill and #night for Armani Exchange, I picked a Tweed Overcoat to go with the Leather Sleeve Crewneck Sweater for this photo. The coat is really nice since it has a tailord look and also it fits with anything. I wore it with a pair of sneakers and jeans. You can get it at Armani Exchange for 278 $. I'm going to try it with a pair of black pants and my black handmade shoes from Italy. It is bound to look good.

ps test 1

Photo by: JKF Photo

Nicolas K - Thanksgiving Offer


Ermenegildo Zegna - Ties Around the World

One the worlds most classic brands Ermenegildo Zegna, has done a new limited edition of 13 ties with motives of 13 iconic world cities. Some of the 13 cities are New York, Shanghai and Milan. Every tie is done in a different way, like my favorite Milan is tied in a Windsor Knot. Zegna decided to do 13 videos for us guys to make sure we tie these must have ties the right way.

The video I choose is Milan just because I really do love Milan. My three years there are among the best years in my life, and this way I can just wear Milano with me. Have a look at all the ties at Ermenegildo Zegna.


NABIHA - Never Played The Bass

Hot Style - Daniel Craig


Black Christmas Party

My dear friend Alpha threw one hell of a Christmas Party at Café Victors in Copenhagen this weekend. Me and my boy dressed up, it was a black tie event so we looked very good, and went to the dinner. It was so much fun and I got to know a lot of great people. I have a tendency to talk a lot when I had one to many glasses of champagne.

With me on the pictures is Danish singer Nabiha that was super cute and sweet. Zenta is the other woman that stole me during the night and we talked like crazy. The night ended at Simon's with a couple of drinks, I could have done without Simon's, but what is a night in Copenhagen without Simon's?

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