Christmas Gifts No.13

This is one of the best gifts that I have found for Christmas. Monocle has together with Japanese aroma specialist @aroma, created a flameless diffuser that is spectacular. The diffuser is made out of hinoki wood and when one pours the oil onto the platform it releases a spicy, deep and fresh scent of cedar wood, sandalwood and cardamom into that room where the platform diffuser stands.

I truly want one, but since it will not make it before Christmas I will order it after Christmas. It retails for 60 £ at Monocle's webshop or in one of the stores globally.


#Dressedfor #Party in A|X Armani Exchange by Paolo Savi

December is a month when it's cold and dark. But that doesn't mean that you have to stay inside and be boring. December for me is fun and I get to attend many parties. That said, it basically means that I have to look my best. Armani Exchange have this amazing velvet suit that is sleek and very cool. Velvet is classic and can't go wrong. For my #party outfit I pulled the Armani Exchange Velvet Blazer, Armani Exchange Velvet Dress Pant, handmade shoes from Milan, a grey t-shirt from COS, petrol colored socks and silk pocket square from Filippa K.

So Copenhagen here I come, #dressedfor #party, and in what better way then in a classic Armani Exchange Velvet Suit?

Untitled Untitled Untitled

Hot Style - John Mayer


Source: Zimbo

Hot Style - Anne Hathaway


Source: Zimbo

Y-3 - Spring/Summer 2013 Campaign

Juliane Gruner & Guerrino Santulliana by Pierre Debusschere for Y-3-5 Juliane Gruner & Guerrino Santulliana by Pierre Debusschere for Y-3-2 Juliane Gruner & Guerrino Santulliana by Pierre Debusschere for Y-3-3 Juliane Gruner & Guerrino Santulliana by Pierre Debusschere for Y-3-7 Juliane Gruner & Guerrino Santulliana by Pierre Debusschere for Y-3

Bottega Veneta - Womens Early Fall 2013 Runway

Outfit - Trunk

My favourite London store, Trunk, is a must if you live there or when you visit. I found some great pieces, mostley grey...big surprise, but it makes a superb outfit. I'm liking the umbrella, so hard to find nice umbrellas nowadays, but of course Trunk had some really nice ones.

1. Lifesaver Umbrella from London Undercover 95 £
2. Printed Fleece Cardigan from Beams 215 £
3. Eskimo Fleece Sweatshirt from Merz B. Schwanen 105 £
4. Tote Bag from Yoshida & Co x Trunk 105 £
5. Plain Braided Belt from Trunk 55 £
6. ED-55 Relaxed from Edwin 155 £
7. Standard Chukka Suede from Common Projects 240 £


Iamwhoiamwhoami - D

Here comes another great track from the very special artist Iamwhoiamwhoami. She is spectacular and extramly avantgarde. Talk about doing your own thing. The interessting thing is that she always does series of songs and videos that are connected to echother.

Christmas Gifts No.12

Christmas is coming closer and closer everyday now. I decided that today I would feature a bunch of gifts that are classics. Something that is always needed from classic brands. I mixed interior (pitcher from George Jensen and Fornasetti pillows), perfume, bags and keyrings. I hope that you like it boys and girls.

1. Fornasetti L'Abbaglio Pillow @ Barneys New York 160 $
2. Bois de Cedrat by Creed 104 £
3. Card Leather Card Case Chestnut by Acne @ Tres Bien Shop 500 Sek
4. Woven leather keyring by COS 120 Sek
5. ORIGINAL FAKE Tote-bag @ Colette Paris 530 €
6. Peacock Pitcher by George Jensen 1299 Sek


Goyard - Le Rendez Vous

Prada - Spring/Summer Campaign 2013

tumblr_mf6ufiik_RQ1qhulweo5_1280 tumblr_mf6ufiik_RQ1qhulweo6_1280 tumblr_mf6ufiik_RQ1qhulweo4_1280 tumblr_mf6ufiik_RQ1qhulweo3_1280 tumblr_mf6uc5_LTte1qhulweo4_1280 tumblr_mf6ufiik_RQ1qhulweo2_1280

Hermès - 17, rue de Sèvres by RDAI

dzn_Hermes-Rive-Gauche-by-RDAI-13 dzn_Hermes-Rive-Gauche-by-RDAI-3 dzn_Hermes-Rive-Gauche-by-RDAI-0 dzn_Hermes-Rive-Gauche-by-RDAI-26 dzn_Hermes-Rive-Gauche-by-RDAI-20 dzn_Hermes-Rive-Gauche-by-RDAI-9 dzn_Hermes-Rive-Gauche-by-RDAI-32_1000

Hermès     Source: De Zeen

Style Inspiration - Gossip Girl

It is coming to end soon, the final episode is coming soon. This is were we got to know Meester Leighton, Blake Livley and Chase Crawford. Scandals came and went like the rest of us change our underwear. Meester created a new level of bitch and Ed Westwick showed the world that the dandy could be so elegant, but still be out of control. We will miss this show, but who knows, something new will come along soon enough.


Christmas Gifts No.11

I have a love for sweat clothes. To be home or even go to town in some cool sport clothes is great. Since I don't want people to look like white trash, I felt that I had to introduce you guys to dansih brand Norseprojects. They design and make streetwear and sportclothes. These four items are perfect just because of the fact that they don't have to much on them. Simple prints and great material. The prices are fair, 145 € for a hoodie is great and trust me their fits are amazing.

1. Gustav Wool Hoodie Sweat 145 €
2. Sergio Membrillas Tee 60 €
3. Gustav Wool Sweat Pants 145 €
4. Bjarki Classic Stripe Socks 25 €


Hot Style - Ewan McGregor & Eve Mavrakis

Source: Zimbo

Burberry Spring/Summer 2013 Campaign featuring Romeo Beckham

Burberry's spring/summer 2013 campaign shot by the fantastic Mario Testion will have a cast of all brits including Cara Delevingne, Edie Campbell and my new favorite Romeo Beckham. The little Mr. Beckham has a certain aura over him and does a great job sporting the classic Burberry trench coat. I want to see more of Romeo in the future, and I honestly think that we will.

d87a6fec-32c5-4627-bfaa-cf71425e2e1f © Copyright Burberry/Testino

Hot Style - Rudolph Valentino & Horace Wade


Wallpaper* - January 2013 "See The Future Now"

Since the Mayan calendar is coming to an end in just a few days, I think that we all should look ahead for the next cycle that is coming. The Wallpaper* 2013 January issue does just that. We will get to see a preview of the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2013, that will include Best City, Designer of the Year, Best New Public Building, Best New Private House, Best New Restaurant, Best Domestic Design, Best New or Renovated Hotel, Best New Men’s and Women’s Fashion collections. Wallpaper* always manage to get some very esteemed judges when it comes to their awards and maybe we will see a celebrity amongst them, like when Kanye West was choosen a couple of years ago.

Wallpaper* is a magazine with a strong tradition of finding the new and respecting the old, as long as it looks good and comes with a certain quality. That is the future, or am I wrong? The cover feels almost a bit 80's, with the strong colors and sharp grapics, but in a more updated version.


Christmas Gifts No.10

If you ever wonder what my scent is, then I will tell you that one of them is Diptyque's Philosykos. It gives me memories of trips to Italy and Greece. The fig trees always puts me in a sort of Disney's "Ferdinand" mood and I just stop and smell the figs. So when my best friend Karin bought me this perfume and I was sold. There is a whole collection from Diptyque with soap, eau de parfum, solid perfume, roll-on perfume, creams and candles, which means that everything can smell of Greek summer. Perfumes and expensive candles are a gift that most people like, and I truly recommend Diptyque anytime.

1. Philosykos Soap 15 USD
2. Philosykos Perfume Oil Roll-On 55 USD
3. Philosykos Travel Kit 35 USD
4. Philosykos Eau de Parfum 140 USD
5. Philosykos Solid Perfume 48 USD
6. Philosykos from 88 USD


Hope Pre-Spring 2013

Hope Sthlm is going for a blue collection for pre-spring 2013. It is different shades of blue, with a mix of darkgreen and other dusty and somewhat pastel colors. The style is still classic Hope with minor changes from their previous collections, but I see no wrong in this.

It makes the clothes more wearable and functions better as a base with other highend or highstreet brands.

ps13-678001-lb ps13-68144-lb hope pre-spring 2013
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